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Rule 63 - Star Trek 60s Hair

Okay, so I've pretty much bailed on the Daily Sketches, but they've served their purpose-- I am no longer afraid to post, no matter how stupid the drawing.

Case in point:


Okay, so here we have the Trio of Star Trek TOS as women. This sketch was me trying out some 60s hairstyles (you can see that Kirk is sporting a different style than she did in my previous sketch). I also spent way too much time yesterday coming up with Gender-bent names for each of the bridge crew (as well as a fuckton of Harry Potter characters, which I will probably be drawing before long). T'Shaya's hair is inspired by the fancy hairdos T'Pau and T'Pring were wearing in Amok time, but far simpler and practical while still looking flawless (even though I have no idea how the fuck it's constructed). I wanted Lynn's hair to be soft, pretty, stylish, but still 'ready for action' (whatever action that might be, wink-wink). I based it more or less on this picture of a 60s style I found on a hairstyle website. As for Bones, I found the hairstyle before I'd really started looking for it. From that same website, I saw this picture and fell in love. The model even looks like she could be a young Leandra-- I swear I've seen a picture of De Kelley smiling like that somewhere.

Captain Jacqueline Titania Kirk
Jacqueline is a French, feminine form of James. This way, her nickname, "Lynn," sounds suspiciously like "Jim" (as in, "He's dead, Lynn.")
Titania is the name of one of Uranus's moons, which itself was named after a Shakespeare character-- space-related and bookish at the same time! How's that for a slice of fried gold?

I actually don't know that many Vulcan names and I didn't want to do something stupid like T'Pock (though I was tempted, because I never saw something stupid that I didn't like), so I looked up a Vulcan dictionary and ended up making my own. It's the common feminine prefix T' which means 'of' combined with the word ashaya which means 'love'-- making her name literally 'of love' which I thought was pretty and makes sense for Sarek and Amanda's baby. Alternately shaya also means 'break', which is also kind of sadly appropriate.

Leandra Hortensia McCoy
Leandra is a feminine form of Leander, which means 'lion of a man'. That sounds like McCoy, alright!
Hortensia is a female name that starts with the same sound as Horatio, McCoy's canon middle name. It's related to Latin hortus, which means garden and sounds kind of like 'Horta', lol.

I might try drawing the Trio from the Star Trek Reboot movie, with more modern hairstyles.